Saturday, January 15, 2005

ISS Oxygen Generator Fails and works sporadically

Slashdot | ISS Oxygen Generator Fails and works again. Seems to be very unreliable. Since its installation the oxygen regenerator named Elekton failed numreous times. It must have been repaired on almost every new cargo ship delivery up there. Elektron generators have failed in the past and have been replaced by identical units. But unfoutunately the current one is the last availible. If it fails like the former oxygen generators there is no alternative. NASA sets its hope into a new Generation of oxygen generators with solid electrolyte. The were designed to avoid the current troublemaker: bubbles of oxygen and hydrogen in the electrolyte, that stop the process. Ironically they are also the aim of the generator. The Elektron oxygen regenerator is said to be a more complex design than the MIR oxygen Generator. I wonder if they are using centrifugal force to separate the bubbles. Good Luck ISS, you need it.


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