Monday, January 31, 2005

Michael Moore addicted to Blogs

Catchy title isn't it? Well he actually discovered Blogsphere and its power. Now he has his own Blog with RSS feed and all. And guess who set it up for him ? Wonkette, that's right, the Wonkette. He's actually working on a new film
Bloggers & Me
about the influence of Blogs and hopefully Internet on the whole in politics.
That reminds me on the James Dean, ehrm I mean Howard Dean candidate for Presidency. They generated such a buzz that even I heared of it.( At that time I was quite offline.) Lateron they fell as deeply as they rose. I remember reading that it was because they campaign management underestimated the traditional media: Radio, TV & Newspapers. They played a big role in the critical phase.

Thanks Beth for pointing me to that interesting blog.

BTW: Wikipedia noted under Use of the Internet in Howad Dean's Biography the following:

Dean's presidential campaign was remarkable at the time for its extensive use of the Internet to reach out to its supporters. The candidate's staff, and occasionally even the candidate, frequently
while on the campaign trail and even sought advice on important
campaign-related decisions -- in at least two instances even making
decisions through online polls of supporters. By soliciting
contributions online, the campaign shattered previous fundraising
records for the Democratic presidential primary. Dean has been
credited with being the first national candidate to play to the
strengths of the Internet, in particular by engaging the American
public directly in the political process.

Thanks to a critical point of view by Group Think from Mark Heimonen a little correction. It seems that the mentioned Blog is a fake. It is not mentioned on Micheal Moores Homeppage and it has developed less and less probable since the last time i read it. It is presumably a Blog set up to undermine the reputation of Michael Moore. I learned a lesson: Don't trust everything that is written on the Wide Wide Web especially somthing that is so easy to set up as a Weblog. 2. Whenever there is politics, be more suspicious and keep away. Once again thanks Mark Heimonen.

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