Monday, August 08, 2005

Wired News: Information Wants to be Liquid

Wired has found a great new extension to the web as we know it. Worth a try.

Wired News: Information Wants to be Liquid: "

Hegland's idea is simple -- he plans to move beyond the basic hypertext linking of the web, and change every word into a 'hyperword.' Instead of one or two links in a document, every single word becomes a link. Further, every link can point to more than one place, pulling up all kinds of background context from the web as a whole.

Liquid Information takes Berners-Lee's ideas and runs with them. Hegland's experimental system is geared toward allowing users -- not just writers and editors -- to make connections. Instead of just viewing websites, readers can change the way information is presented, or relate it to other information elsewhere on the web.

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